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We have contracted to use the Anthem Blue Cross provider network with more than 53,000 participating providers and more than 430 hospitals throughout the state. Three out of every four eligible physicians in California participate in the Anthem Blue Cross network.

If you are currently participating in a Anthem Blue Cross small-group plan, you won't have to go through the bother of finding a new care provider when you enroll in ProtectPlus. You can switch plans and stay with your current physician while continuing to use the hospitals and other providers you are already familiar with.

You will have the freedom to choose virtually any health care provider. But, when you choose participating network providers, you will take advantage of negotiated rates, which lowers out-of-pocket expenses.

Search for Providers

Please note: When you click to search for Anthem Blue Cross providers, you will be taken to a Anthem Blue Cross of California web site. Once you are on the Anthem Blue Cross page, please select "Anthem Blue Cross PPO-Prudent Buyer Plan" from the drop down menu to access the appropriate provider listings.